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Bite Sized Training Material

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What it covers

Courseware consists of comprehensive course notes and practical exercise to demonstrate the different behavioural styles. The training starts by asking delegates to complete an exercise entitled Car Wars - an amusing (but very real) situation of two drivers having a difference of opinion about who got to the parking space first. The exercise asks delegates to gauge their reaction on a number of approaches to the situation.

The course process then discusses and agrees what each of the 3 behavioural styles look like when demonstrated at work, with practical examples and quotations from people operating in the styles.

The training process then asks delegates to reflect on the Car Wars exercise to clarify the behavioural responses given earlier and discuss some of the assumptions made in completing the exercise.

N.B.: The Car Wars exercise is also used in our fully designed, ready-to-deliver 1 day courses: Communication Skills and Assertiveness at Work.


A set of course notes, exercise and debrief to introduce assertiveness, aggression and passivity - what they are and what they look like including behavioural examples.

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What you receive

14 pages of comprehensive trainer notes supplied in MS Word.The bite sized training material is designed to be interactive with discussion, formal input and syndicate exercise built in. The session is participative and fully involves the delegates typically team members or team leaders.

A Copyright Waiver Licence is included in the price, so that training material may be adapted to suit your own/ organisational needs.

“I thought it worked well in that my participants all did it honestly which I was quite surprised at! I used it near the start of the training and then did part two later that worked well as by then they knew the real difference between passive, assertive and aggressive. Most of them were passive but I had a few aggressive participants so I then had to work hard at making them assertive! I would definitely use the exercise again so thanks very much!”



Allow up to one and a half hours. Can be used as a succinct training session, or as part of a larger workshop on communication and influencing.


£36.00 inc 20% VAT for MS Word version complete with copyright waiver licence, giving permission to amend the product in any way and multi-photocopying rights. All courseware material products are subject to our Terms of Business. Please read prior to purchase. Pay online via credit/debit card/paypal by clicking the button below (PayPal account not essential). Alternatively to pay by cheque or be proforma invoiced go to Terms of Business to download an order form. Products are emailed to purchasers once payment is complete.

Assertiveness courseware bite sized

“Having a preview of the document was useful on your site and given your background I was confident the resources would be good quality“


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