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In house training courses in leadership, supervisor skills, customer service, telephone skills, assertiveness, receptionist skills, time management, presentation skills, appraisals, train the trainer and recruitment interviewing. Courses run both UK-wide and locally in West Midlands, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Wales. Design and marketing of course material and e-books.


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10 Ways to Avoid Wrong Communication at Work

Dos and Don’ts of Emailing

Preparing to Influence

10 Influencing Tactics

Work on Progress Tasks to Get Noticed

Management Skills

Staff Performance: Skill & Will

Disciplinary Preparation avoids Trouble down the Line

Effective Disciplinary Interviews

Theft is Theft - so sack ‘em, right?

Feedback from the Moon

Come on if You Think you’re S.M.A.R.T. Enough!

Delegation - Passing the Buck

20 Reasons why people Should Join Us

W.A.S.P. Interviewing

Recruitment Interviewing via Skype

5 Choices in Task Management

Questioning - the T.E.D. Way

Questioning - Funnelling in Interviews

Appraisal - A Time to Grovel & Lick?

He said What - 10 things to avoid saying about employees

Assessing Performance - the Devil’s in the Detail

10 Tips to Facilitate Conflict

Conflict - Intervene or Not?

Starting a Presentation the I.N.T.R.O. Way

Time Management

12 Time Management Tactics

12 more Time Management Tactics

Customer Service

Customer Service - Feel the Love!

Building Trust & Rapport

4 Myths of Customer Service

Dealing with Irate Customers

Business Quotations Top 10

Customer Service


Inspirational Leadership

Training & Development

Self Belief

More Self Belief

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