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Assessment tools, checklists and proformas:

Competence Thermometer. Self analysis questionnaire against managerial competencies

Coaching Styles Questionnaire. Assessment tool to rate a manager’s skills in coaching others

Course Evaluation Forms. Selection of proformas for delegates to complete at the end of a training course to evaluate effectiveness

Group Training Observer Checklist. List of process skills required in training with space to place comments on strengths and development areas of the trainer

Knowledge/Skill Checklists. A range of proformas that delegates complete at the start and end of a course, to establish the extent of learning. Can also help with setting an action plan for improvement. Topics covered are Presentation Skills, Time Management and Communication Skills

Leadership T.N.A. Questionnaire. Training needs analysis questionnaire across 10 different management/leadership competencies. Results can be used to build a management development programme

Leadership Training Evaluation Report. Specimen report written to feedback on on changes in behaviour amongst team leaders who had attended a Leadership skills course

Personal Pledges Form. Simple form to capture delegates’ thoughts for action planning throughout the training course

Post Leadership Workshop Evaluation Questionnaire. Tool designed to capture behavioural improvements as a result of a Leadership course

Pre and Post Course Checklist. Proforma to assist managers in the planning of pre and post course objectives

Training Needs Analysis - Managers/Team Leaders. A set of questions to be used in focused interviews with Team Leaders/Line Managers when reviewing past training and analysing future training needs

Training Needs Analysis - Senior Manager version. Set of questions to be used in focused interviews with senior managers, in establishing the needs of people who report to them

Training Needs Analysis - Staff. Questionnaire to help non-managers review past training and analyse future training needs

T.N.A. and Evaluation - Coaching Skills. Proforma and support documentation for line managers to assess training need and measure effectiveness of the training

T.N.A. for Managing Performance Course. Checklist and assessment tool, to be used by line managers to assess the training needs of managers and team leaders who report to them

Trainer Skills Questionnaire. Checklist and skills analysis of the key skills and qualities of the effective trainer. The checklist has 2 versions - one self analysis and the other to be given to others


© ABC Training Solutions Ltd Registered as a limited company in England & Wales Company No: 05669729. VAT Reg No: 936 7830 86

In house training courses in leadership, supervisor skills, customer service, telephone skills, assertiveness, receptionist skills, time management, presentation skills, appraisals, train the trainer and recruitment interviewing. Courses run both UK-wide and locally in West Midlands, Worcestershire, Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Wales. Design and marketing of course material and e-books.

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